Jesus &The Sacred Heart

Jesus &The Sacred Heart
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by Robin L.Dow

Format:Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)

This fantastic book is full of pearls of wisdom for everyone and for every day and provides the tools we need to change ourselves and thus our future into abiding peace, love and happiness.



  • Conditional love says, “I will love you if you do this, but not if you do that.” Unconditional love accepts all error and loves anyway.
  • Look at your close relationship and be honest about whether your love is conditional.
  • Look at your friends and do the same.
  • Look at the love for yourself and smile as you recognize that it is conditional, as you often find fault with yourself.
  • Do not resist this process. There may be a strong instinct to do so, when your ego mind does not want to admit to partiality in love. With honestly, you allow yourself the opportunity of change.

p.81...You are the architect of your world

  Whenever anything appears to go wrong, choose to quickly accept “what is” and enter your inner peace      before responding. If you identify with your Self, you will not react from the ego. However, when you view an event through the eyes of the little mind, it will be seen as a problem which the ego will endeavour to escalate. Your awareness of this ego proclivity allows the choice of peace, from which a solution will arise

p.174… Forgiveness

As you value life and all that it offers you, the impulse for forgiveness arises. You recognise the value in forgiving yourself for erroneously perceiving others as having harmed you. You recognise that it was your faulty perception

That saw error in another. You understand that other people behave as they do, because of their own suffering, feeling of separation, and isolation from the heart. You recognise that the same applies to you. If this were not so, you and your perceived adversaries would have remained in peaceful co-existence. As your understanding deepens, you will see that you have nothing for which to forgive others. They never harmed you. You harmed yourself by listening to your ungodly little mind and can instead join with your heart-love.

About the Author 

Robin L. Dow began following Jesus’ path of universal love at an early age. She has practised as a nurse, naturopath and spiritual counsellor in several different countries. Robin now focuses on being a scribe for the loving teachings of Jesus and assisting others in anchoring the wisdom within.

Some readers told that they have only to hold the book to their hearts to feel the love being transmitted.  Everyone is aware of feeling the love of Jesus in a very personal way, and it is because He is actually speaking to each reader as though he or she is the only person present. That feeling is amazing and deeply moving.  It spontaneously opens the heart of the reader. Enjoy reading this amazing book!


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