Finding the Way with the Ascended Masters

Finding the Way with the Ascended Masters
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Format: Paperback / softback
Pages: 272 pp  210 x 135 mm

This 272 page book is the second by Ishmael working under the guidance and within the guidelines given by The Lord Buddha.
With "Finding the Way with the Ascended Masters" discover who your personal Birth Masters are and how they can influence on your life.

Book overview:
Finding the Way with the Ascended Masters is the second book channelled by Ishmael under the guidance of Lord Buddha.
Within the pages of this book is clear information with regard to the Ascension Process of the Human Soul.
Discover who your personal Birth Masters are and how they can influence your life.There is a large section covering the profile of each of the 30 Ascended Masters; Including their past lives, which consist of Ishmael’s family within the Ascended Realms.
New and exciting images of these Ascended Masters are also included. You can expect to gain insight into the seven Planetary Rays and the five Higher Vibrational Rays, which help to shape the journey that we experience with the Third Dimension.You can begin to understand how the Glamour’s of the Rays affect your everyday living.
More importantly how you can choose to correct any misalignment of these Glamour’s of the Rays and reconnecting the Rays to their Home Chakras.
Six meditations enhance your journey together with many everyday examples of how the Ascended Masters can be by your side in an instant to assist you with the every day frustration of your current incarnation.
Try the tool of 'Cutting' with the Ascended Masters for deep seated difficulties.
According to the guidelines, Ishmael has channelled using simple language.
So that even you will understand the Laws of the Universe.
You can progress upon your Spiritual Pathway with much assistance from the masters.
In the words of the Lord Buddha – "Enlightenment is rightfully yours; seek and accept".




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