Cosmic journey guided meditation in Sydney

Cosmic journey guided meditation in Sydney
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Cosmic journey guided meditation

Light Language with Yulia Cornucopia


Yulia Cornucopia with Language of the Light and Devala Paul Dudley and his beautiful flute music will take you to the cosmic voyage through time and space to find your mesage.

The experiance of remembering who we are; live life from a higher wisdom, from a place of Love; be free from all fears and to become Master of the life in shortest time.


B E N E F I T 

DNA healing, activation,reprograming 

re-remembering on a deep and profound level.
divine adjustment 
awareness of light codes
awaken & develop your gifts
conscious ascension process  

3 December at 15:00–19:00

11-13 The Boulevarde, Newport 2106

Newport community centre
Sydney Buses via Newport - Route L88, L90


Yulia Cornucopia is a light language practitioner, workshop facilitator, intuitive consultant and spiritual healer who helps people shift into their most loving authentic selves. She does this through healing sound therapy , prayers, meditations,coaching and spiritual services. 



"Yulia is a gifted soundstress. Her divine abilities to connect and ground the language of light is one of the clearest channels I have met so far. Her soul is crystal clear and beaming with light codes and love which she so passionately wants to share with others. It's always a tangible and profound experience under her intention"


"Yulia, I am so grateful to have been guided to attend your meditation classes. Your spiritual teachings and presence are incredibly powerful! Since attending I have felt calmer and I am approaching life with compassion instead of being an emotional mess. I am so grateful you are part of my spiritual journey. Namaste." Venessa V

"Dear Yulia. I have been meaning to message you all week to say thank you. It was incredibly powerful and positive. I feel a step closer to achieving my big goal. That is exciting, comforting and reassuring." Eleanor Lind 







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