Indigo Dreaming - A Magical Bedtime Story

Indigo Dreaming - A Magical Bedtime Story
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Written by Amy Hamilton,Kelly Jervis
Category: Children/Fiction: Relaxation

Format: Paperback / softback
Pages Size:32 pp 200 x 210 mm

A Magical Bedtime Story will be enjoyed by children of all ages and prepares

them for a peaceful nights sleep with a relaxing routine.

Book overview:
In A Magical Bedtime Story, the Rainbow Pixie has been developed to help teach children how to relax and meditate and features in our children’s introductory relaxation and meditation range called Indigo Dreaming.

Indigo teaches children to become aware of their body and to use deep breaths, visualisation and affirmations to consciously relax each body part. Most children will find it most comfortable and will find it most effective to stay on their back for the whole routine.

In this book,Indigo turns from lying on his back to lying on his stomach to provide a visual connection to the character.


Testimonials or Comments

I have had the privilege of using these meditations with children aged 4 to 11 years in the Rainbow Group and found them to be an inspirational and magical tool for parents, teachers and caregivers. The meditations are beautifully-written and the children respond so positively that I have incorporated them into the Rainbow Program. These meditations expose children to a whole range of values, encourage relaxation techniques and ultimately allow children to use the power of their own imagination.”

Sarah Waites, Children’s Coordinator, Australian College of Healing Arts

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