CD Angels and Guides

CD Angels and  Guides
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with Kerrie Edward - Ticehurst

Creative Visualizations

Kerrie Edwards-Ticehurst is a International Clairvoyant, Palmist and Hypnotherapist.

Product Overview:
Through simply listening to Kerrie’s Angels and Guides presentation, you can meet these beautiful souls and receive messages and guidance from them.

Kerrie can make powerful changes in your life as she has done for thousands of others through her books, sound recordings and workshops.

Angels and Guides
Your Angels and Guides are with you awaiting contact. Through this meditation, meet with your Angels and Guides and receive a personal message and guidance for this life. Kerrie makes it all happen for you as she has for thousands of people.

Advanced Chakra Meditation
Kerrie reveals advanced techniques and knowledge.

This meditation brings awareness and opens doors which can lead to fulfilment and happiness. Awaken intuitive capabilities and channel creative energy through your Chakra.



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