CD Dreams Do Come True

CD Dreams Do Come True
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with Kerrie Edwards-Ticehurst

Two brilliant presentations on one CD
1.Dreams Do come True
2.Chakra Meditation

Product Overview:
Let Kerrie guide you as you experience the power of your energy centres.
 The first guided visualization embraces the techniques to empower your chakras to create balance and more energy in your life.
You will be able to produce outcomes easier and with more confidence.
You are now ready to manifest all that you desire in every aspect of your life. Kerrie will show you how to create the desire, see the outcome and
then to live as though you already have what you want. Expect the best.

This CD presentation will help you to manifest abundance for yourself and others.

About Kerrie Edwards-Ticehurst -Ticehurst DIP.C.H.
Hypnotherapy - Past Life Therapist       

Kerrie Edwards-Ticehurst DIP C.H. (Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy) trained with Eastwood School of Hypnotic Sciences and has over 25 years experience
as a Hypnotherapist. She is one of a small group of people trained in Hypnofertility and ran her own Hypnotherapy Centre in Manly, Sydney.

She also trained with Dolores Cannon in the art of communication with the sub-conscious to clear any blockages from this life or past lives. This method of Hypnotherapy is very successful as your sub-conscious mind knows all about you, your fears, doubts, injuries, pains, discomfort, anxiety, confidence, relationship, abundance and your desires. During this session
the subconscious will work on clearing and healing. Such a powerful process.

Kerrie is now activating the Mutual Gland which is a gland at the base of the brain and has been hidden for over 1,000 years. Recently rediscovered through a channelling with one of Kerrie’s clients.

Member of British Astrological & Psychic Society - Designer of the "Astro Tarot Cards", "Angel and Guide" Cards - Her own tapes for motivation and relaxation on "Angels & Guides", "Chakras, "Past Life and Soulmates" and "Dreams Do Come True" - Hypnotherapy for releasing blocks and Past Life Regression - four years professional Religious Science of Mind Practitioner Training - Spiritual Development and Psychic Workshops, "Angels, Guides and Past Life" Workshops and Palmistry Workshops.

Kerrie also teaches Palmistry - Reiki I, Reiki II, KA Healing - Specialising in Feather Healing.

Reverend Kerrie Edwards-Ticehurst Order of World Light Organization - Baby Naming or Christening - Funerals - House or Land Blessings - Couple Blessings.






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