Soft Diamond Light package

Soft Diamond Light package
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Gift package "Soft Diamond Light"
Author Anatole Petrovich Kononewsky


When you buy the Soft Diamond Light package you support the vision of Soft Diamond Light. The author of the Soft Diamond Light package, Anatole Kononewsky is offering this amazing discount for a limited time to celebrate the official launch of this vision, as introduced in his book. A vision to see the creation of peace and prosperity for everyone on the planet.”

Discover a Power of the Talisman "Soft Diamond Light package".

"Soft Diamond Light" the perfect gift to give... Its refers to the energy of our inner Self – our spiritual essence. The image, book and music of Soft Diamond Light were created to provide an expression of this essence.

The Soft Diamond Light image was inspired from a powerful meditation experience while living in an ashram during 1992. The image subsequently became the catalyst for the creation of the book, “Soft Diamond Light, Only love matters”. The principle behind all manifestation is introduced in the book.

The creation of the "Soft Diamond Light" package evolved over a long period of time to become a piece of artwork and a talisman of spiritual power. The package is a timeless piece, a truly one-of-a-kind artwork production in the beautiful presentation box.

The "Soft Diamond Light" package includes:                                                          

  1. The hardback book: ‘Soft Diamond Light, Only love matters’, 312pp, full colour;                                 
  2. Music CD: ‘Only love matters: music for Soft Diamond Light’ (15 tracks/62:16);
  3. CD booklet: Power of sacred music, 16pp
  4. Elegant full-colour ‘clamshell’ box, velvet lining with diamond and lotus Illustration in holographic gold foil insert

Watch "The power of the Soft Diamond Light". Click on image below


The benefit of the Soft Diamond Light package.

The response to the Soft Diamond Light package has been that it radiates a power for raising the vibratory atmosphere of wherever it resides. It uplifts everyone who comes within its field of influence. It emanates a powerful electromagnetic field, activates and cleans the inner superphysical atmosphere of your home or office space.

The Soft Diamond Light image is the central theme of the package. It is like a 'visual mantra' invoking
the powerful vibratory note of our inner Self. In this way, the package was created as a talisman of power to assist in raising the vibration of the planet..

The book explores how we can manifest the full potential of our spiritual selves into physical reality. It explores the bridge between exoteric and esoteric science. It was created to empower your innate inspired intuitive intelligence and introduce a new perspective on the science of physical manifestation.

The CD is an original, powerful piece of music, imbued with the sacred energy of your inner Self.

About  Anatole Petrovich Kononewsky                                             

Anatole is a autor,speacker, a composer, film maker and entrepreneur and the Founder/Executive Chairman of Australia’s inspired THINKING Institute .

While completing a Science Degree at the University of New South Wales and working part-time at the Computing Services Unit in his late teens he became interested in metaphysics and principles governing nature. This initiated his journey and exploration over the next 45 years into the vast practical applications of these principles in our daily lives. Anatole has been involved in humanitarian, and environmental projects since the early 1970’s, and his philanthropic qualities have continually motivated him throughout his career.

He started his music career during the 1960’s while still at school playing keyboards in the successful highschool Rock'n'Roll band,Sebastian Hardie. 
He played keyboards in the band with the well-known Australian singer and performer Jon English. Anatole was also in the backing group for the legendary singer, Johnny O’Keefe, Australia's first King of Rock'n'Roll. Since that time, Anatole has composed a number of original musical productions, classical compositions and songs. This culminated in the production of the music CD for the Soft Diamond Light box set.

“It’s absolutely beautiful!”
Leon Nacson, International Bestselling Author

“Soft Diamond Light gives off a very strong and palpable energy field around the box. This field is quite powerful.”
Doug De Vito, Author, "The Upgrade: How to Improve Your Life by Healing Others

“The book and the CD are precious creations that literally emanate such a high level vibration…”
Julie Ann Storr, Marketing Consultant, Australia, USA

“…nothing to say except – utterly exquisite!”
Maggie Hamilton, Author/ Publisher, Inspired Living, Allen & Unwin

“A total experience!”
Kalli Pulos, Senior Executive Coach/Facilitator

“Just loved this beautiful set from the moment I opened the box.
Very special in every way – exquisitely produced…”

Kalli Pulos, Senior Executive Coach/Facilitator

“I know it will add great value to our world, including making an enormous difference to the lives of children in our world.”
Susan Barton AM, founder, Lighthouse Foundation

“The Soft Diamond Light positively glitters with light and wisdom and compassion.”
Margaret Gee, Author of Words of Wisdom from His Holiness the Dalai Lama

“The love and care you have put into this project is truly extraordinary. I will treasure this for many years to come.”
Mark Davis, Founder & Group Managing Director, Stonehenge Group



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